Toyota's most rugged Land Cruiser returns to Japan

By Yuri Kageyama

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On going trend of selling old stuff to older people. Nothing that get the newly graduated excited about. Not a good cycle!

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Nothing that get the newly graduated excited about.

The typical Japanese grad salary even at big companies is about 200,000 yen/month gross. How will they afford a car in the first place, let alone getting a license for 200,000

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I want one!

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true its was a great model, very tough, unfortunaelty itll probably only be sold with a gasoline engine in Japan.. true off road vehicles should be diesel

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Used them in outback exploration in Australia.............unstoppable(Diesel).............:)

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I have a 80 series diesel landcruiser here in Tokyo and it can go anywhere and I can carry anything, I dont have to squeeze into it, this is my second Landcruiser, the previous model was the troop carrier HZJ 70 series diesel, that car was taken on the roughest roads in Australia (Gib river road, road to cape laveque, Broome) I bought mine here in Japan for ¥1000000 and it has all the bells and whistles, why buy new? if you cant afford new there are amazing deals to be had.

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Diesel Landcruiser is missing from action here, Japan needs a Diesel Landcruiser.

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The 70 series used the 14B i4 diesel. A bulletproof engine that could run without water. To this day is used in 6ton cargo trucks.. But the newer ones are common rail engines. Faster, cleaner but uses too many electronics.

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Ok, I liked them too, don't get me wrong, but I moved on. I drive a Caddy EXT truck now. I would love if the land cruiser series would make an exciting new model!

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@ Overchan..

Where were you that you had a 14b in a 70 Series?? That would be as rare as hens teeth.

Pretty much every 70 series either came with a 3B (early models) or 1HZ or the 5 cyl PZ.

Like Yugodabe above....I have a an 80 series 1HD-T but had a HZJ 77 for many years. I miss the 77 but honestly they aren't in the same league as the true king of the off-road hill.....the 80 series

Also, the new 70 has the v6 gasser ....booo.... and pretty terrible fuel economy for a new 4L. Probably looking at 6 km/L real world. I'm going to go take a look at one though.

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