Toyota's Q1 profit dented by yen rally, North American sales drop


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Japan’s exporters reaped windfall profits over the past few years as government efforts to kickstart the world’s number three economy sharply weakened the yen. That was good for firms such as Toyota and rivals Honda and Nissan because repatriated foreign profits were worth more when the yen was weak and it boosted their competitiveness overseas.

It's as if the authors of this article want us readers to think things like, "Please, Abe and BOJ, please weaken the yen even more so that Toyota, Honda, and Nissan can make even more profits while my standard of living drops!"

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Japan is home to some of the largest vehicle manufacturers in the world. Ask anyone working in the sector such as Sony, Yamaha, Nikon, Fujitsu, Panasonic and Casio, they'd all say if it weren't for the the cars nobody would have a job in Japan. Nissan engines put communications satellites into orbit , the list goes on ....... I never hear anyone complain about their salary except those who voluntarily live on their own chosen path and are continuous boring whingers . The yen must be brought into check .

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