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Toyota's Thai factories stay closed due to flood


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One solution is to close the manufacture in Thai and build here in Japan at the Tohoku Region, where they can hire the unemployed Japanese. Rebuild the region.

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Yeah that will really work, now why would they do that a few minor details against that idea. Lack of infrastructure due to tsunami and follow on nuclear issues. Amount of time to build plants from the ground up, cost of labour etc. Cheaper and easier to leave them in Thailand afterall the flooding will pass and things will return to normal, it is a natural disaster afterall and even Japan has them.

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I'm Thai and i'm not afraid the flood but I scare the stupid government..They will make Thailand to be destroyed. I can stay with no money but I don't want the prime minister like this....

The stupid government doesn't try to manage the problem..They doesn't care wheather if Bangkok will be flood or not. They only wait for the budget that is to recover our country.

As you may know , last year Bangkok is burned by this government.(is called res shirt).. I didn't select them in the latest election...But 15 million people who has been mislead chose them.

I have many things to explain but my language is not quite good at all..

I hope that I will go back my home soon..cuz my home is drown in the water already......

I wanna say again......."I'm not afraid the flood but I'm scare that the government lead us to the death"

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