Tracing the global market thread that could be unraveled by Brexit

By Jamie McGeever

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Just as the 2007-08 financial crisis was caused by unprecedented stress in the banking system,

So that's what they're calling it now? Unprecedented stress? ROTFLMAO!

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Hearing all these banks talk numbers, aren't they the cause of all the worlds problems. We should continue to ask ourselves who are the winners and losers, the banks never fail, currency speculators like George Soros well he never seems to fail either, those other commodity speculators that control the price of raw goods,they too never seem to fail, stock markets, well thats just a fools paradise, just like betting on a horse race or any other form of gambling. So it looks like the money always stays where it is, making the fat cats and the 1% richer by the day. Banks seem to get richer where ever chaos or wars prevail, they revel in countries problems, fuel the media with doom and gloom, while rubbing their hands with glee. So were does that leave the general populous suffering as usual, everything going up,nothing coming down, wages stagnating, quality of life disappearing, and do the banks or the political elite really care, simply NO, they , the bank barons, the political elite don't want their system challenged at any cost.

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Meanwhile the Little Englanders can enjoy warm beer, restoring Spitfires, and past glories. Forever looking back, not forward.

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If people think these huge companies with tons of money and ability to influence the situation are just gonna sit by and allow anything to change to their determent, they're seriously mistaken

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@SenseNotSoCommon, I think the Brits are looking forward, they just want to control their own destiny.

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Would Japan allow China and the rest of ASEAN to dictate its laws, control its borders and seek to control its finances and monetary policy, while eroding every vestige of sovereignty and impose all of this without any vestige of democratic accountability? That is what we are seeking to oppose against a tidal wave of dis-information from both our own elites and international organisations with a vested interest in the status quo.

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without any vestige of democratic accountability

Elected MEPs, Council of the European Union appointed by elected MPs. A bit more than a vestige surely, although perhaps not as grand as a House of Lords.

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I don't give a hoot about what banks would lose! What about the people that have to pay more in taxes to support more suits pushing paper around in Brussels? People that actually work for a living and not others that live off the backs of others should benefit!!!!

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