Two tragedies push Malaysia Airlines to the brink


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MH17 disaster was beyond the airline’s control

Why do news sources keep saying this? They knowingly flew over a war zone to save money. It was fully in their control and they are absolutely at fault for taking the risk.

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Agreed, if they had avoided flying over a war zone things might have been ok

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It seems that MH17 had a very bad luck. According to radar record, some other commerical airline jets were flying over the war zone at that time. Only MH17 was disappeared suddenly from radar.

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The MH370 and MH17 event has become a catastrophe for Malaysian Airline financially. They probably will go bankrupt. However they are listed on the stock exchange of Bursa Malaysia under the name Malaysia System Berhad, a Malaysian government arm and holding company with the majority owned by a government pension fund therefore it would depend on the bankruptcy laws of Malaysia. But there is also a possibility of simply receiving subsidized money from the government to keep them afloat. On the other hand I can also see a situation where there only option could be to close it under creditor protection. I would be surprised if 80 percent of corporate travelers would opt to change for now including the foreign travelers and the lucrative tourism business trade to Southeast Asia from China. In the end the cost of the disaster to the airline will be astronomical and will effect the entire airline personal including their relationship with Boeing, national regulators, travel industry and the public. The longer it takes for the airline to recover the worse it will be but we hope that there will be a steady recovery, and eventually, a full recovery.

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It is a shame Malaysian Airlines continued to fly over that area despite some airlines avoiding it, but the fact remains they did not ASK to be shot down, and other airlines up to that point also continued to fly over the zone. So it was extremely bad luck for the airliner, to put it at its basest, and I notice all those blaming Malaysian Airlines for flying over this area fail to mention the plane that was hijacked in March. Was that their fault too?

I've flown Malaysian Airlines a few times and have never found it to be bad, and it would be a shame if it folded over being the victim in two separate incidents. Korean Air also has a pretty dodgy safety record, and a large part of that is because one of their planes was shot down by -- wait for it -- gung-ho Russians who refused to wait and clearly identify the plane. They got out of it, maybe Malaysian Airlines can, too.

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I don't think MH17 should have an impact on Malaysian Airlines. MH370 in the other case was a massive cover up.

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If you fly over a war zone you may not think you are asking to be shot down, however, the people on the ground may beg to differ.

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Dude , it's too crazy , who cares if the airline survive's or not they shoul'd be shut down all lives lost and the poor familes my god if i lost my girlfriend or any family member or friend i would lose it

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