U.S. activists pressure Renault-Nissan to leave Iran


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A bunch of American cry babies as always, "my way or no way". They really should mind their own business

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Unbelievable and shocking :(

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America - what can you say ?

How about america stop making war when ever it likes and act alittle more responsible in the world.

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Well, the U.S.A. can't wait to invade Iran and bring them the everlovin freedom and democracy that they brought to Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan. But in order to do so they need a Pearl Harbor or a 9/11. They'll continue to push and hound Iran like this until they snap and THEN they will have their excuse.

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"United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI)" CIA funded organization? Who starts this kind of organization based on US fears?

Iran may or may not be trying to develop weapons. Hysteria is not the answer, nor are silly groups like this one. What is needed to address this problem is meaningful engagement with Iran with an entirely new approach that may help address the concerns of both sides.

This is just another propaganda effort ramping up the demand for another pointless and brutal war.

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I can't stop to laugh Americans are really funny!

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Renault: If we stop manufacturing in Iran will that stop any illegal nuclear weapons programs, stop financing terrorist proxies and stop it's repression against it's own people? UANI: It'll send a message to Iranian leaders! They can ignore it though. Renault: If it accomplishes nothing, then why would we stop manufacturing in Iran? UANI: It'll make you look cool! Renault: No thanks.

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UANI ( United against nuclear Iran ) is not happy that the following motor vehicle manufacturers sell thare wares in Iran.

VW, Mercedes Benz, Volvo, Fiat, Porsche, Peugot, Kia, Renault, Toyota, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Isuzu, Honda, Subaru, Suzuki.

Of course you must realise that a lot of these vehicles as stated by UANI are being used for nefarious purposes as their statement below.

The IRGC notoriously exploits Western technology, using vehicles imported or license-built by makers such as Volvo, Iveco (Fiat), Mercedes (Daimler) and Toyota to serve as mobile platforms to stage public executions or transport and launch ballistic missiles. Honda and Suzuki motorcycles are the vehicles of choice for violent gangs of regime-sponsored Basij militia and plainclothes police. ( motorcycles seem to be the choice for the Israeli Mossad to execute people as well, although I am not sure what brand they use )

How shocking to read that motor vehicles are used in this way because other countries around the world would not stoop so low as to use vehicles for such purposes. Notice that there are no USA cars being sold in Iran. Good old USA misssing out on a lucrative market because of the paranoia with Iran.

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