U.S. adds 211,000 jobs in November; unemployment steady at low 5 pct.


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The US economy seems to be the only one on a tear these days.

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"The dollar could rise further next year"

Does this mean the yen is going down the toilet?

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The US economy seems to be the only one on a tear these days

Not according to some of the posters here. They say the U.S. economy is a "disaster". LOL. The world's largest economy grew over 2.0% last quarter, and is adding around 200,000 jobs every month, and the Fed is about to raise rates. Japan should pray for such a "disaster".

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"They say the U.S. economy is a "disaster"."

They have to say that. They predicted 6 years ago that Obama-Bernanke socialism would crash the economy, "debase" the dollar, crash the stock market, cause a debt default, and trigger hyper inflation, while gold would soar as it's bought up by pannicked investors.

Now, that worldview got everything wrong, of course. But there's no way those posters will shift their position, so they need a modified narrative that doesn't make them look like complete buffoons.

"Does this mean the yen is going down the toilet?"

It means the major currencies other than the dollar are "going down the toilet."

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What they aren't telling you is that most of those jobs are low paying part time jobs thanks to Obamas health care bs more and more companies are turning full time jobs into part time just so they don't have to pay for health care this is why he did it cause now it looks like there are plenty of good jobs and there is not and because of the low pay no health care no cars or houses this article is a little bogus should do more digging to see the truth and once trump becomes president we are really screwed cause he's gonna push the button

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40 million people on food stamps isn't a recovery. The schools in my area are allowing students to take cafeteria food home because their families can't afford food. Our demographics are in the toilet. 80% of the people I see are past retirement age. The American dream has become a nightmare.

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