U.S. auto industry bailout cost keeps rising


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Both have since graduated from the program, and are making solid profits on reasonably strong auto sales.

Yes until "next" time ….. US auto makers never learn … the US tax payer has been bailing them out for generations. In recent years Walll Street and banking firms have also been getting in on the act as well, creating a "fail" competition scenarion for the US government. (Think Dr Strangelove and the Dooms day gap scene)

mmmm …. why is the US economy so terrble …. I wonder?

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i wouldnt invest a cent in the US economy, just designed to boom then bust taking all your investment with it, only this time around people are a lot wiser and arnt falling for all the hype BS anymore, your best bet is in agriculture, resources and the Asian market

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The government should have let them go bankrupt. Without all that bailout money they would have had to negotiate a more reasonable recovery at a sustainable wage scale, instead they just grabbed a handful of cash from the taxpayer, stuffed it in their pockets and the US continues traveling merrily down the road to becoming another Greece/Spain/Italy/etc.

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