U.S. auto sales hit an all-time high in 2015


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U.S. auto sales hit a record high of 17.47 million in 2015, topping the old record of 17.35 million set in 2000. Analysts expect sales could go even higher this year as unemployment continues to decline and more young buyers enter the market.

Toyota’s U.S. sales rose 11 percent over last December. Honda’s sales gained 10 percent, while Nissan’s were up 19 percent.

Merry Xmas Japan and Abenomics. The U.S. economy in general, and the auto market in particular, are making up for some of the pitiful performance of Japan's own domestic economy.

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Winner: Ford F-Series pickup

Loser: Nissan Leaf

Good ole boys.

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Obama's America is booming. More cars sold in US history! I guess all that "socialism" wasn't such a bad idea.

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Purchasing a new automobile is a major financial expense and you should get the best car for the money. Unfortunately in most cases that is not going to be a American car. In most cases, foreign makes win because of depreciation, quality, style, price and fuel economy. So if the traditional domestics want to start building cars of the same quality as the traditional imports, they should allow their designers and engineers to do their jobs. Give the supplies and the workers on line the same raw products that the designers specify. That means a vehicle with a higher cost and rearranging the profit structure. If you are building fewer quality cars that actually sell instead of building cars to keep plants working, the company will make more money. In the end instead of allowing the accounting departments to hold a leash around all the other departments, reign in the accountants and allow the design and production teams to build great cars. Then you might start seeing some great American cars.

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Yesterday auto sales in the US posted their weakest print in half a year. US factory orders declined for 13 consecutive months. They've never declined for this long without the US being in a recession. The only thing up, is defense aircraft spending and parts up 46.9%. The near zero percent interest rate policy has fueled multibubbles in the US economy, auto loans being obvious. Anyone who can fog a mirror can get a loan, now extended 7 years, so the payments are lower. After losing 1 million full time high paying jobs since 2008, and being replaced with part time low paying jobs, many of these cars, in the new auto loan bubble, are coming back to the dealer in the form of the repo man. But like in 2008, the financial engineers from the too big to fail banks, have found ways to bundle up car loans and sell them as investments rated AAA. The world is awash in over $200 trillion of sovereign debt, and a quadrillion in derivatives which make the 2008 financial crises look like a Sunday picnic.

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I knew it they are making new debts to buy cars...they never learn.

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I knew it they are making new debts to buy cars...they never learn.

Quit hating Alex80. New Nissans, KIA's, Fords, Lexus, BMW etc (depending on your income) . . . roll of the lots because in america everyone needs a car. Without a car in america, you're basically stranded.

Believe it or not, there are some of us who know to live within our means. This is why most families have one SUV and one economically friendly vehicle.

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"I knew it they are making new debts to buy cars...they never learn."

Your grapes are exceedingly sour.

"...which make the 2008 financial crises look like a Sunday picnic."

Someone needs a reality check, or at least give up their narcotics habit.

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@Wc: stop taking any criticism toward the US how hate. After the HUGE mess that America created in 2008, that influenced all the world, it's normal being afraid when you know how the Americans are used to make debts and apparently they never learn. I read that the students get massive loans also to pay their studies. This is crazy, in my opinion. Also before to have a job, they have already tons of debts. This system is sick.

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I knew it they are making new debts to buy cars...they never learn.

People typically buy cars because they can pay for it.

China sells 20 million cars. Are you worried?

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Mike4113king's post says everything. Period.

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Back in April I "upgraded" my 2011 Buick Regal (Made in Germany) for a custom-ordered 2015 Buick LaCrosse (Made in USA) with all the bells and whistles except for a moon roof. To date I haven't noticed any reduction in quality between the German-built and the USA-built cars. I did upgrade from a 4-cylinder to a 6-cylinder and so I'm noticing more trips to the gas pump, but that was a function of the bigger engine and not related to where the car was built.

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Mike4113king's post says everything. Period.

Nah, he doesn't know what he's talking about.

This is just so funny.

When US auto sales were declining, people say that's a sign the economy is in trouble.

When US auto sales are rising, people say that's a sign the economy is in trouble.

So which is it?

It's a sign the economy is improving because people are becoming more confident about spending their money on such considerable purchase.

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Zero down financing! No interest for a year! The adds say.

Where or when have we heard that before. Banksters also lowering their required levels of income needed for a loan.

Round and round she goes, where it stops, we all know. Right on the 1% mark.

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It's a new bubble indeed. Always the same.

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Pshaw! So when is it not a bubble - when nobody is buying cars?! lol

So next time the auto sales decline, we'll all say it's not bad for the economy, right?

China auto sales are up; Europe auto sales are up; Japan auto sales are down. Good for Japan - they're ahead of the curve! lol

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