U.S. casino billionaires place bets in Japan's tale of two cities

By Farah Master and Nathan Layne

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No "trickle down" effect in gambling.

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Would casinos hurt pachinko parlor revenue?

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There's a Casino under construction in Odaiba

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I was surprised not to see Steve Wynn's name in this article.

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I would think a location where cruise ships dock would do better, such as Kobe.

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Won't both these guys likely be dead by the time this comes to pass?

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I guess casinos are out of league for the local yakuza then.

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Sounds like a great idea. Loads of revenue especially from Chinese tourists. Win win.

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Lilic: No there isn't

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Its funny that American investors only want to invest in this, while for something else in Japan, you cant find them ! They act as who will take to cookie first . Actually, they dream of seeing Japan people gambling there, and spending all that they got. Their logic, 20% tourist, 80% locals .

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Adelsons got his fingers in all those gambling den pies. Its a vice and is a shameful pursuit. I worry for the future victims of gambling addiction, a step up from the gateway of pachinko etc. People lose not just their money.

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Lost opportunity to build it somewhere outside a major urban hub to stimulate the countryside (or something). And make it a bit more difficult for addicts to go.

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I think an interesting side effect of possible casino legalization in Japan is that it will result in pachinko parlors now offering legal cash payouts for winnings from pachinko play--and that will drastically alter the whole industry, to say the least. And will casino legalization also mean legalization of gambling card games based on traditional Japanese playing cards and Japanese-style mahjong?

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Sands, MGM and Wynn have plan to build casino-hotels. In Nevada, their casinos do not advertize for residents. There are Station Casino hotels and Coast Casinos with many casino hotels in Southern Nevada and they have slogans of Welcome Local, etc but they are not interested in going to Japan. So these that have eyes in Japan might not be interested in Japanese gamblers. They always cater Chinese multi millionaires and billionaires. Main business are table games. Dealers, floor men, Boxmen and eyes in sky cameras all over to ensure games are operated honestly. Then there are slot and video pokers. Pachinkos are not used in casinos as pachinkos are "maybe" machines that you can not compute probability of winning percentage. In Nevada, there is no income tax as casinos pay huge gaming tax. Also there is Gaming Control Board to ensure casinos operate honestly. If not they lose license forever. Yakuzas? They must be mad at. Their wealthy customers will change their gambling to casinos. These casinos cater to tourists. Maybe Tokyo first but don;t think they don;t expand to other areas near to China, We are already in summer weather and no snow warm area so they might expand to Okinawa, Kyushu and Yamaguchi-ken and Hiroshima-ken. They expanded to Atlantic City but weather condition is so bad in East and they now creating more in Vegas. Locals enjoy all you can eat buffets in casinos. Restaurants, shopping stores are operated by independent business, Mitsui has plan, I heard.

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Japan, don't let Sheldon Adelson anywhere near your country! He's horrible. To use a Yiddish turn of phrase: he's a Gonif. A thief.

Do this right. Restrict casino ownership to Japanese citizens, and keep the authentically Japanese flavor of the gaming. Pachinko? Yes. Mah-Jongg? Yes. Poker and Roulette, Craps and Blackjack? No way.

And maybe reconsider the locale you are going to open to casino development. Kansai is doing just fine without gaming. What about Tohoku? Tohoku needs investment and a new economic model because fishing and farming are next to impossible right now. Think Sendai, not Osaka.

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They should relocate more bases in Okinawa and turn Naha into a tourist trap for the Chinese and nearby Koreans. The island is nice and scenic with great beaches and white sand. Economic zones and outside investors like these Casino owners would welcome it. Osaka is an ugly town, with rude people and doesnt offer much. Its cold winters are not very pleasant. I dont know what these guys are betting on; you think in 40 years there will be allot of rich old people in japan? Seems to be going the other direction to me.

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Smell trouble!

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Do this right. Restrict casino ownership to Japanese citizens,

Yep. And restrict rembership to foreigners. The last thing Japanese society needs right now is a fresh vice....

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These American casino owners are multi billionaires because they concentrated in Casino business. So, they will never invest in other kind of business in Japan.

Mitsui is also interested in Casino business, It is trillion dollars organization beside it has more than 100 large corporations that include construction and hotel business. Wynn and MGM want to operate casino business with Japanese business people together.

Japanese flower card, unlikely. In casinos, poker cards are not shuffled by dealers. Shuffle gadget. Only once and new cards each time. koi koi is 2 person game. Hachi hachi for many players, Hana awase, --- I skip but even oicho kabu used in Yakuzas' illegal gambling arena is not applicable to table games. Casinos do not use tatamis on their floor. Actually, Karuta is Portgual missionary introduced carta, You have to remember flowers of each month, Like Ume in Feb., On the contrary, any one know what is 1 or 2, etc. Hanafuda gamblings were illegal in Japan for a long time ago.

INear Kobe for cruise ship? Vegas does not have ports. Just Lake Mead has own casinos where Sinatra owned one.

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There is trickle down for the bar and restaurant industry,

And a trickle away for all other legit businesses where money lost in casinos won't now be spent in their shops.

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Nintendo and various Tengudo used to be hanafuda card makers. When you enter yakuza's illegal gambling house, you will make a fist and stick your index finger to point to your nose then someone will bring to gambling area. Then you will be accepted to gamble. Casinos, you can go anywhere without pointing nose. Best in casinos are food area and theaters. Don't gamble because games are for rich people who pay big tips to dealers. These Vegas casinos expect billionaire Chinese ship tycoons etc in Northern Japan. They expect huge gaming tax as they are used to in Vegas. There is no state income tax in Nevada. Gaming tax takes care of. So, if casinos are legalized in Japan, make sure you propose income tax deduction.

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