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U.S. gov't pushes air bag maker Takata on replacement parts


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The US needs to recall that Airbag it has in the White House.

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So if I drive my Honda down into one of the high humidity areas I have nothing to worry about?

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Takata has sold more than 80 million Airbags, Life IS NOT PERFECT, How many times have I seen all kinds of problems in cars that are never recalled? This is About Fear, just like everything this days.

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i wonder why if it's toyota they demand a recall, if it's a different brand they just let the owner discover the problem and let them bring the car themselves. I expereienced this once with Hyundai and Kia about engine knocking issue. They are aware that there was an error in the Engine's computer chip but they did not do a recall. They waited until my friend's car had a knocking sound and damaged engine before they replaced the Computer Box. So this is actually good for Toyota to be taking responsibility and not making excuses like other car manufacturers. And why only in US? We have lots of Toyota here in Japan and all airbags are from Takata so why only in US? Also about the past gas pedal issue, only the US experienced such problem.

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Yet many cars made in America have problems that are kept hidden due to those in power getting money for their reelection from those very same auto makers.

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yea, indeed, no problems here in Japan. I drive a toyota and had never any problems

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It would be rather annoying to be killed by your car's airbag when it's supposed to be protecting you. If the company has been, '....plagued by problems for the past 13 years', it's surprising they have the second largest market share. Good chance for a new airbag maker to grab a piece of the pie.

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t would be rather annoying to be killed by your car's airbag when it's supposed to be protecting you.>

I can only concur. It would somewhat put a dampener on my day.

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Takata has to close down its Mexico factory because the quality of Air bags produce from Takata factory Mexico are very bad and Takata's customers are about to leave Takata for other Company. Takata will lose its all customers. What I understand was Takata has been sorting out problems at Mexico factory for sometime but it does not improve quality.

Takata should be sorting out problem quickly and increase production from other factories with tight quality control. Otherwise Takata image will not be recovered from this faulty Air Bag and quality control scandal in its Mexico factory. Takata closed down Georgia factory and shitted production to Mexico Factory in 2005. I don't think money save from cheap labors in Mexico won't be covered for total recall for faulty Air bags. It's not first lesson for Japanese Companies. Now all Japanese Companies to seriously think about quality vs. cheap labor cost.

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