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U.S. probes Camry hybrids for power brake problem


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Toyota!! Again?? Why am I not surprised?? And Toyota is only the tip of the iceberg!!

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Prius brakes are horrible,I think Toyota needs to get the "regeneration" thing sorted out before using in series vehicles.

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A Camry owner complained to NHTSA in June that the dashboard brake warning lights came on and his brakes failed while approaching a pedestrian crossing. “I did a sharp evasive turn and hit the curb hard in an attempt not to run over pedestrians in the crossing!” the driver wrote. The dashboard lights then disappeared and brakes functioned normally, the owner wrote.

Does he check Brake Fluid and Hose? He should check Brake Fluid level and Brake Hose if he saw Brake warning light show on dash board.

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2008 Toyota became #1 carmaker in the world and then there was a recall. now Toyota has retained the title as #1 again this year and then another round of Toyota bashing is coming again. coincidence or does the US hate the fact that a company other than GM (bailout company) is #1, you decide.

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wtfjapan: GM (bailout company)

It's kinda creepy that you can't talk about Toyota without mentioning the GM bailout. It's like your self esteem is tied to a car company or something.

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