U.S. safety agency studying Toyota acceleration problem


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Anyone who would even accept a ride home in a Toyota is bonkers. Anyone who has ever used a professional scanner like a Snap-On knows that Toyota has the slowest data flow rate in the world, except for Subaru. Sometimes up to 5 seconds. Snap the throttle in a GM FBW car and hear the instant roar from the fastest comm in the world. Sit in a Toyota and snap the throttle. Count to one. Then hear the engine rpms accelerate.

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I don't understand why you bring GM here?

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Vu, because of the ECM. The ECM is what is controls the throttle. The speed of the chip and the right signal is crucial. That is what this man has proven. Toyota's ECM's (Denso) are the worlds worst. Also the lowest cost so the Chinese use them on their lower budget cars. GM (American) ECM's are the world's best as in all other American computer tech. What OS do you use??????? Is it Japanese? I really don't think so. It is American (unless you are in the tiny minority of Linux).

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Our house has a GM Hybrid and a Toyota Hybrid. Both have been exceptional. I cannot speak for the ECM data rates. But both drive with seamless smooth accel and decel. I put a carputer in the GM to "Spy" on its different electrically variable trans. Quite fascinating to watch it modulate electric and hydraulic on braking. The Toyota CVT is definitely smoother, but lacks in towing capacity. I just wish both of them would better utilize the batteries. They seem to keep the state of charge in a narrow band. Guessing to extend life for the government required warranty.

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Why it only happen in US?

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Why it only happen in US?

The U.S. had/has its own Toyota production plants making Corollas. The first in Fremont CA was opened in 1984 as a joint venture with GM and closed in 2009. (The plant is now re-opened as the production line for Tesla S sedans.) In 2011, Toyota opened a new facility in Mississippi that is currently producing Corollas.

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Only happens in US, or only reported in US?

NHTSA's report page:

NHTSA-NASA Study of Unintended Acceleration in Toyota Vehicles

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