U.S. authorities asks Kobe Steel to submit documents on data scandal


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Apples vs. orranges.

Uniqlo is not making fabrics to be used in airframes, car/boat bodies.

Nobody dies from a crappy t-shirt.

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"...let them sue" No mere slap on the wrist...the shelter of mother Japan won't serve if the litigious juices get flowing 'round the world...You know they're shaking...and if employees did dirt on foreign soil there are REAL jail cells waiting. Unlike the mother country...

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Kobe Steel admitted the practice dates back some 10 years but a company executive said there is a possibility that data cheating "had been carried out for quite some time."

This is already outdated news, according to the AM TV news shows they believe that the practice goes back AT LEAST 40 years and maybe more.

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@Burning Bush - I am a capitalist however I have to agree with TumblyDry's post.

This is alot more serious than a t-shirt.

Japan's issue is the lack of 3rd Party technical oversight which exists in Europe and the U.S.

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"Oops, sorry US Justice Department, we shredded all our documents".

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Burning Bush this is very serious and cannot be simplified. TumbleDry and Tokyo-Engr have shared some of the some of serious ramifications, but it goes much deeper. Plagiarizing steel certifications that are required to meet stringent worldwide engineering requirements means nuclear power plants, airframes, ships, trains, buildings, and any other thing that requires steel to meet stringent specifications could fail catastrophically.

THIS IS VERY SERIOUS and only beginning...

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I wonder what Shin Nitetsu Sumitomo is doing right now? They must be checking to make sure that they didn't fudge any of their documents. I can't believe that only Kobe Steel was guilty of this.

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"Kobe Steel is currently tracking the documentation in question but some related paperwork has already been discarded as the customer-mandated storage periods had expired."

Meaning they are burning stuff as quickly as they can, and creating new false documents at the same time. It's going to be just like Takata, and more corruption and mismanagement will come to light. Now at least the usual apologists can start somehow blaming the US for "meddling" or what have you, instead of Kobe Steel to begin with. If Kobe Steel is saying it goes back ten years but others hint that it could be decades, it's decades. We all know that's goign to come out over the next few months after the CEO resigns with a golden parachute, probably also to a job as a university lecturer or City Office worker. Then the new people can say they had no idea, that it's not their fault, and seek protection from the government and be bailed out... and then continue the practice after promising to be more see through and "do their best to abide by the law".


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Haha, the chimneys will be belching smoke furiously for the next few days at Kobe Steel - and it won't be because of smelting!

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Meaning they are burning stuff as quickly as they can,

Of course it doesn't mean that (but no surprise coming from you). It not unusual for very old documents to be discarded.

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