U.S. Seven-Eleven to seek to ally with Japan peers on work hour issue


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Rise the poor wages and problem is solved..

Seven Eleven without the 24/7 it's no Seven Eleven..

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Is it really that necessary to have stores open from 2am to 5am?

Freedom to control ones own business and open or close at discretion should be of importance.

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Well seven-eleven originated from opening from 7 to 11. So it can still be seven-eleven without 24 hours operations.

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It used to be from 7:00 AM to 11 PM. Go back if necessary.

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Forget the hours, I wish US 7-11s would partner with their Japanese counterparts to address their food. Japanese 7-11s have some pretty darn good food. American 7-11s... not so much.

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"We believe that franchisees should be able to run a store as true, independent business owners, not as glorified store managers, in such a way that guarantees financial stability and profitability," Jorgensen said.

Franchises are not independent and that is the point. There are a lot of benefits from the massive amount of goodwill, advertising and products that a franchisee gains. I usually do not use standalone convenience stores in the US, rather the convenience stores in gas stations which are ubiquitous. Service is spotty but what can you do?

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People just don't want to work for poverty line wages in a job where half the customers don't even say thanks. It's simple.

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