UAW calls on automakers to move supply chain out of Xinjiang region

By David Shepardson

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Surprised it's taken so long for them to realize that!

All Companies should be evaluating their exposure to China and it's "supply-chain" influence.

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Excellent move!!

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"Between raw materials mining/processing and auto parts manufacturing, we found that practically every part of the car would require heightened scrutiny to ensure that it was free of Uyghur forced labor," the report. "In some cases, Uyghur forced labor is apparent at multiple steps" of parts manufacturing, mining, refining, pre-fabrication and assembly, it added.

Unfortunately some Uyghur forced labor occurs in pretty much ever part of China. It is not confined to Xinjiang. Uyghurs have been forced to work in factories in much of China as part of their, cough cough, "vocational training".

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I'm wondering whether this is all part of a double entendre play. Surely the UAW knows big US money is entrenched in the forced labour supply chain, eg Berkshire and its investments in CCP BYD. Didn't they get the memo when their White House sponsor would rather diss USA's only successful automaker Tesla.

Don't forget the trade competitiveness of the USD either, for years USA had to fight currency manipulators, now USA is manipulating for China's benefit.

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