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UAW justifies wage demands by pointing to CEO pay raises


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CEO pay is an obscenity. Nobody is worth that much more than the amount their workers get. They do more physical labour and surrender more of their lives for what is (relatively) a pittance. To get such a higher percentage raise of such a higher amount is disgusting and ethically untenable.

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Executive pay is notoriously complicated to calculate.....................No it is not, it is based on pure greed and nothing more. Any person working on the shop floor in one of their factories could do their job, and they know it. This poor Barra woman only get around $30 million a year, my dog, how do ordinary working people, like myself, who could earn as much as $2 to 300 a week, have the audacity to imagine this woman could manage on something $1 million a week.

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most hired CEO's are not getting paid for the work they do, the actual work is done by the people under them, at most when a decision is needed to be made they get a couple of very well vetted alternatives presented to them that they might choose from. Their value is their already established connections, name value, ability to speak and political power. At that level anything the CEO does can affect the stock value worth multiple yearly salaries in minutes. That's why Companies is willing to spend that much on what they think is a good choice for a CEO, Of course mixed with a lot of favors among friends, nepotism etc.

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Biden got a rude awakening from the union,they showed him so much disrespect,by rescinding their endorsement and force him to grubble to his his knees

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The united auto workers should strike as long as they can and need to. If there ever was a time to stop the elites from funneling all the money upwards, this is it. The CEOs can take huge pay cuts, the same way they've taken huge pay raises in the past. This is all on them.

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