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Uber Eats delivery staff in Japan plan to form labor union


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You can't take a low end job such as this and then complain about it. Educate yourself before taking the role.

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The whole idea behind this type of business model is that as a worker you set your own hours when you need to. An Uber Eats Union? Okay, how about a Takoyaki Yatai Union?

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At least they should offer to pay some / half the insurance cost.

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All forms of Uber are essentially a scam designed to enrich the founders and senior execs at the expense of low paid "gig economy" drones.  The fact that they don'r make money and live on round after round of external funding tells you that they are just trying to price existing properly regulated and priced services out of the market before ramping yup prices.  How anyone makes a living working for them is am mystery.  This type of move has been happening more and more worldwide.  High time too.

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You can't take a low end job such as this and then complain about it. Educate yourself before taking the role.

It's not about the "low end" job, it's about insurance really. Even the "unten daiko" driving services have insurance on their drivers and they get, down here at least, as low as 4,000 yen per night of work!

Under the car insurance here, if you use your private vehicle for a business enterprise the number plate and insurance are supposed to be different than that of a truly POV. There are many legal issues here that uber seems to want to side step, so THEY can make money, off the backs of their drivers.

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The low end jobs don't pay insurance. It's kind of a no-brainer.

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Unionizing might restrict a drivers independence. As a company driver, or on your own; you knew the work is being farmed out when you took it.

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...independent contractor, is what it implies. If your company won't offer these perks, then why should the company creating such independent contract jobs, need pay such benefit?

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