Uber Eats labor union in Japan calls for pay cuts to be reversed


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Ultimately only Uber insiders are making any money from this scheme.

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Nothing like pay cuts to improve "the bottom line". Some employers would have slaves if they could get away with it.

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Uber eats is modern slavery and should be banned.

Uber ride should never be allowed as its unfair competition and simply dangerous for the pax in many different ways.

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Uber, Amazon.... for all the talk, these companies are simply the new robber barons.

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Within Tokyo, what's the average daily wage packet for an Uber Eats Delivery person ?

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Figh Japanese rules for Japan first for the Japanese people. Pls do not attack just uber. Japanese deliveries or companies of the same type are worse.

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I’m not a union man by any means but there are times companies just are too much. That’s a major cut. Uber Eats should be sued. It would cost them more than they’ve saved by not giving these delivery people their fair due. BTW, don’t these drivers have to use their own bikes?

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