Uber Eats to test delivery of convenience store items in Japan


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Many people are accustomed to ordering delivery food, and just about all the major supermarkets already have "shopping and delivery" services so why not Uber, they aren't going to make it as a taxi service here,

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Great for people with disabilities but also gives those lazy ones more reasons to stay home and learn to be antisocial. I think too many things are done for people here in turn causing people to not know anything about how to live a life and be part of society.

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I'm neither lazy nor disabled but uber eats was super helpful this past month when the heat index was over 40C and all close family were out of town. Not about to take my child out for a 30 minute walk to get groceries in smoldering heat everyday. Delivery services get a lot of use in our house during August. No shame.

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The thing thing about convenience stores is there's one on every corner - which is why they're convenient. I guess it could be useful for the inaka, though.

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I’m neither lazy nor anti-social and I consider myself quite able in the kitchen, but some days I’d rather have someone else do it for me, particularly if that something else requires ingredients I don’t happen to have at the moment.

No shame at all in ordering something delicious when I’d rather be doing something else.

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How much do the delivery persons get paid ?

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I might use Uber Eats if its app actually worked. It refuses to recognize my Docomo phone number, and thus doesn't register me. LOL.

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