Uber loses at least $1.27 bil in first half of year: report


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@Debucho, I don't think that an intra-city ridesharing such as Uber is required in japan and (especially in Tokyo). Because the price is basically the same as a regular taxi. But I do need an inter-city ridesharing to avoid paying the high transport price. For example, Noritomosan is trying to work that way.

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Good. I hope it dies.

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Uber is in Tokyo. Just checked and car was available within 6 minutes

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In Japan, you need to work 10 years for other taxi company before you can start your own or become private taxi entrepreneur. The only way Uber could employ drivers is to hire those who have already worked 10 years as a taxi driver, but they are mostly at retiring age and not very fond of modern services such as Uber.

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why isn't UBER or something like it in Japan yet?

You need a license to carry paying customers in Japan.

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why isn't UBER or something like it in Japan yet?

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