UK inflation hits new 40-year high as food prices rocket


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ok hurry put interest rate up, says the fx day trader.

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Sanctions are working well. The UK is backward and weak. They surely couldn't expect to annoy the Russians without paying dearly.

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"Food inflation reached 12.7 percent in July, having seen the highest monthly growth in more than 20 years."

This is an incredible increase. The government from top to bottom is completely ignoring this issue too.

ElevenToday  11:50 am JST

Yuri say big Chinese lockdown good idea. It will help economy recover very well.

I'm All Shook Up.

Get it?

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Albions antirussian sanctions brought own fruits,untasty for many UK citizens but yes-just "stand for your values",maybe follow german advices to have 19C in room during winter and take cold quick shower two times a week...?

I have found story that some UK supermarket offering food by credit...many may not have enough of savings or cash just to cope with increasing costs of living costs in UK and sure this so called "credit food shopping" will throw them even in more deep poverty.

What a "progress"...and this is just beginning folks.More new "drama series" are to happen in coming winter months...just wondering why EU and UK citizens have to pay dearly for provoked war in UA ignited,suuported,funded by USA and its interests?

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Why doesn’t the UK government cut fuel tax?


Why doesn’t the UK government impose a profit tax on the utility companies that are taking in record profits?

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Watching political ads in the us stating that inflation is caused solely by American president Biden.  Guess by that logic, Britain is just a US state, right?

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The sanctions have been a disaster for the UK, but they have helped Russia (and OPEC) by pushing up the price of the fossil fuels they sell. Getting a Boris-alike, shallow-fake Thatcher to replace Clown Leader won't help. Her solution is tax cuts, which hammer state finances but do nothing for the slice of society that are suffering.

Tax cuts only help the well off - the only people who are not feeling the economic pain.

The ongoing damage from Brexit is not going to go away, even if the BBC are not allowed to cover it.

Supermarkets have less on the shelves each week, Heathrow is capping flights, the trains are on strike and the postal service are about to go on strike. Lack of migrant labour is hammering the NHS and agriculture. This is a recipe for a turbo-charged inflationary spiral.

2019 was great. Look how quickly our governments can wreck our countries, lives and livelihoods. That isn't a skill you can learn. People have to be born with the ability to break stuff that badly.

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