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UK inflation jumps to 10.4%, surprising analysts


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I suggest the analysts go shopping at a UK super market then maybe they will not be so surprised.

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As summer crops begin to ripen then food inflation will go right down

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Rather than more pachinko money games, why not more INVEST in greater supply of food, energy, healthcare etc.

Nobody believes world has excess demand, world has supply side inflation due to pandemic bankrupting many marginal businesses across entire economy, war, crazy MONEY printing by central banks, huge increases in healthcare, military expenditures, elderly etc. not to mention MANY people who have left the workforce for variety of reasons due to pandemic.

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I wonder where the money is going?

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UK inflation jumps to 10.4%, surprising incompetent analysts.


Increasing interest rates just screws those with mortgages and loans. It does nothing to limit inflation, which is caused (in the UK) by Brexit taking Sterling down 25% with almost everything priced in USD, and (globally) by a strong dollar, trade restrictions and artificially hiked fuel costs. These are political factors and an economic tool like raising interest rates will not counteract them. Instead more people will suffer and the global economy will degrade.

PS. Special thanks from the dictatorships in the Middle East to the Western democracies for ramping up the cost of their prime export. No worries about inflation there.

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Govt. LOVING VAT/Sales Tax 'turbo' boost, like everywhere!

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