40 countries, but not U.S., China, agree cars must have automatic braking


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I’m still waiting for them to stop producing cars that will do in excess of 200kph. There is no reason for any domestic vehicle to be capable of speeds above 130kph.

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Ah. The ever-expanding nanny-state, of course supported by those who oppose individual liberty and responsibility. Next will be automatic throttle controls/limits and automatic steering = no driving.

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Did they not realize that the USA posted videos of hacked regular cars using regular computer controlled braking and they were able to stop a car in highway traffic to prove the point. All you have to have is a hacked Canbus or ODBII system and you are done. They can even activate your horn! ;)

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Ah. The ever-expanding nanny-state

oh to hell with the thosands of people who lose their lives each year from driver human error, these technologies do and will save lives.

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In a next step, the US will denounce this as non-tariff trade barrier...

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Too late for Prince Phillip!

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Not really workable within all cars, and could be potentially dangerous.

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