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Underwear maker Wacoal investigating foreign trainees' labor conditions


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The factories include those not financially affiliated with the Wacoal group.

How can a company that is doing outsourced work for the group not be considered "financially affiliated?" Their profits are directly tied to the products they produce for the group, so they are in fact "financially affiliated".

This is just an attempt to create an image that the group is doing the "right" thing!

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It seems that "International Capitalism" has arrived in Japan as it has in many other countries----the sole justification being to exploit workers from third world countries.

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They probably fill in the time sheets for staff themselves, to 'avoid misunderstandings'. One large car company in Japan used to give trainees 'car mechanics certificates' after their 2 years in Japan, but when a group of them returned to S. America and tried to use them to get jobs, they were laughed at. Word had already traveled there of the reality of their training.

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Just ask Subaru who openly admitted to using them to save money in their press releases.

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Glad it's an internal investigation and nothing with legal repercussions. Phew! And I have no doubt the host countries will be 100% forthcoming and show them the true labor conditions for their satisfaction.

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Just ask Subaru who openly admitted to using them to save money in their press releases.

Subaru used Wacoal bras to save money?

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