Union battles to represent workers at Nissan factory in Mississippi

By Joseph Szczesny

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Friday vote was supposed to be closed.... What happens if no one voted?

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"will reach a climax Friday"

Friday, August 11? A date would be helpful.

"Machines now harvest the cotton but poverty and limited education have limited economic opportunities."

The author of that sentence needs a better education.

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The scheduled closing of vote was 7:p.m. today. Former presidential candidate Sanders supported election. In any case, good luck to workers.

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There are Nissan branches in southwestern places but different type operations..It will keep Canton operation.

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Thanks Toshiko!

This article was posted on this site at about 6 am on Sat the 5th and refers to the vote being on "Fri". So it's not taking into consideration the time differences and is confusing.

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2,244 workers, or 62%, voted against the UAW, while 1,307, or 38%, favored the union.

Doesn't look like it was very close. Sounds like the reports that it would be close were off. Maybe they used the same people that the Clinton campaign used in 2016.

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The Delta, as the region is known, is considered the birthplace of the Blues, and residents are predominantly African-Americans, the descendants of the slaves and later poor share croppers who made the region one of the most important cotton-growing regions in the country.

Canton is located in the Mississippi Delta. It's located a few miles outside Jackson. The Delta is located in the upper northwest and western part of the state, e.g., Greenwood, Greenville, Itta Bena, etc.

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Opps, that should have been "Canton is NOT located in the Mississippi Delta." Sorry!

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