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UNIQLO and Bic Camera to open new BICQLO store in Shinjuku


UNIQLO's new growth engine and a store with global appeal, BICQLO UNIQLO Shinjuku East Exit Store, will open for business on Sept 27.

BICQLO was born out of a collaboration between UNIQLO and Japanese leading home appliances retailer Bic Camera, two companies that offer completely different products. By combining the expertise and know-how that each company has gained in the areas of fashion apparel and home electronics respectively, the two companies said they aim to create a new type of store that will serve as a new hotspot in Shinjuku.

BICQLO Shinjuku East Exit Store will be inside the current Bic Camera store. With this newest store, UNIQLO said it hopes to help revitalize Japan by pumping energy and excitement into Shinjuku.

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OK, I'm lost here. What are they selling? A computerized T-shirt? Or just selling there own items side by side?

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I believe from what I have heard that it will be a "shared" retail space - meaning that both "FULL" BIC camera and UNIQLO stores will be located within the same retail building ( currently a BIC camera branch )...

Smart move for Bic - give up a couple of retail floors and get the increase foot-traffic from Uniqlo...

Smart move for Uniqlo - get a new store at a cheaper price than having to have your building and get the additional traffic from BIC...

A similar experiment seems to have worked well here in Sapporo - There has been a new Uniqlo on the 6th or 7th floor of the Bic Camera Sapporo branch for a few years now since Loft shut down - - seems to be a synergy there...

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I don't mind wandering around gadget shops, but looking at clothes is utterly tedious. My wife has the exact opposite opinion. Combining the two in one store might get more couples through the door, but they need to keep the merchandise separate. One thing I can't stand is seeing designer bags etc in a gadget shop. Keep your fancy bags in your overpriced boutiques and out of my sight.

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No need for Wal-Mart stores in Japan as long as BIC Camera's around. They'll sell anything, including the kitchen sink. When they bought out the Sogo dept. store in Yurakucho I thought they'd overextended themselves, but whenever I go there the place is mobbed with customers.

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I like shopping at BIC for my electronics, my teenagers like UNIQLO for the inexpensive slim clothes. I am curoius what they will sell. This is actually an interesting merger and look forward to seeing their product.

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I don't see it unless it is to keep the girls and mom occupied while dad and the boys looks at Bics offerings. I like Bic jingle.

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BICQLO? What an unwieldy name!


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Thanks, I understand now. I did some researching myself. This store is where Mitsukoshi was. So like Ginza, Brand stores are making way for Uniqlo. I wonder where Loewe went?

Scrote, bad news for you. It looks like they are going to sell Uniqlo goods on the big camera side too!

Ranger_Miffy2, did you see their logo? Uniqlo must have lead they way in design because they just changed the U-NI part of their square logo to "Bi-tsu" (tsu=small charactor) to make it look almost like their original logo. The "Ku" in both their names made this possible.

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This store is located in the old Mitsukoshi Department Store building. Some sections of it are already in operation. I was in there the other day just browsing around. The operation looked okay.

I like to shop at BIC Camera and my wife likes to shop at Uniqlo (I can't find my size clothing in there, so I just stand around watching her browse around). So now she can browse around Uniqlo on a lower floor while I do my browsing on the upper floors. Convenient ...

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There is nothing "designer" at Uniqlo haha...its cheap clothing lasting half a season...

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