UNIQLO launches AIRism as a strategic global brand


UNIQLO on Tuesday announced the global launch of AIRism, its new brand of highly functional underwear. Under the catchphrase “comfort unlimited,” UNIQLO is extending AIRism to its home market of Japan, increasing the product lineup by more than 70% and launching a major marketing campaign across the 13 markets where it currently operates stores.

With AIRism, UNIQLO said it will deliver “comfort unlimited, in any season for any person, anywhere.” Featuring the latest Japanese fiber technology, AIRism's high performance fabric offers a total of eight comfort-enhancing features across men's and women's lines. They include UNIQLO’s DRY and odor control functions as well as the ability to quickly absorb and release trapped moisture and stay cool to the touch.

Marking AIRism’s global launch, UNIQLO plans to roll out a huge lineup of some 400 different items of great underwear this year, up from last year's lineup of 230 items. AIRism underwear is already available both online and at UNIQLO locations worldwide, with many more designs set to arrive over the coming months.

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Wow, looking forward to it. I wonder how its priced?

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Gotta love UNIQLO! Looking forward to stocking up on some AIRism come summer. Their DRY shirts were awesome last year! So comfy!

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They had better do something about sizes. My students these days are not size M.

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Right! Make the women's sizes in L and XL so I can fit into them!

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It all seems to be "Japan fit". For a global launch, I'd like to see them think about body type as well as size. Even their correct size levels don't fit me at all. The shoulders are too narrow, the sleeves about 5 cm too short, the underwear rides up over my privates... I'm thin and fit, even sort of scrawny--but my rump and thighs threaten to rip out of the pants as if I were the Incredible Hulk. The pants fit so tight I can hardly get my hands into the pockets. I like their stuff, but it just doesn't fit me right at all.

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AIRism would be a great name for either a rock band or an airline.

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