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Uniqlo pledges to improve factory conditions in China


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Pretty words. Let's see them followed up with action and not only at the factories exposed thus far. This is the media's task as well.

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Showing images of the sewage in the factory might make people think more deeply about this problem.

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These corporate exploiters of cheap labour always make these promises when they get exposed for sweat-shop abuse. At the same time they feign ignorance or say it's hard to take direct action, just as the Fast Retailing spokeswoman does. Alienation occurs in capitalism on several levels. Here corporations distance themselves from responsibility using layers of contractors. It's a very inhumane practice. It seems today consumer movements are the only way to discipline business.

Don't Uniqlo!

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since Uniqlo is really Sino-centric these days. They make more money in China than in Japan and the rest of the world combined.

Do they? According to the sales figures (http://www.fastretailing.com/eng/ir/financial/summary.html) international sales for Uniqlo don't even come close to Japan.

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It is common knowledge that Japanese firms in China pay much less than their European and American counterparts. It's no secret at all. The difference is the amount of kickback the suppliers receive from said "brands" and the understanding of what's hot for Asians since Uniqlo is really Sino-centric these days. They make more money in China than in Japan and the rest of the world combined.

It inevitable they get exposed. When you become relevant, you can hide from corporate responsibility as everyone with any ax to grind will look for every little detail to try to take you down. Just look at Foxconn, Apple, Lenovo..etc. Everyone is watching.

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How could anyone still sincerely trust another person that says "because I got caught, I'll try not to do it in the future".

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Uniqlo pledges to improve factory conditions in China.... Simple relocation of production to mainland Japan.

Together with third parties, including auditors and NGOs (non-governmental organizations), we will check progress within one month,”.......... Weasly words, NGO's are a contradiction in terms.

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Uniqlo just joins a long list companies -- Nike, Walmart, Apple, Samsung, et al. -- that has run into the problem of suppliers in China that, not surprisingly, strive to compete by cutting costs, and the sources of those cuts Include working conditions and wages. I do not hold Uniqlo more or less culpable in this regard. Besides how many of we consumers will boycott Uniqlo out of outrage?

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600x5Cent US is about the wage paid to agricultural workers in JP. Or is it? Of course 8hours daily.

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