Uniqlo suspends most Bangladesh travel as attack rattles garment industry


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I guess they thought they could just go and exploit those societies with no blow-back.

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Good opportunity to reduce inventory.

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Why is this news? Do we have to hear about every company's travel plans?

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some14some: "Good opportunity to reduce inventory."

Even better, it's a good chance to step back, take a moral inventory, and reduce the dependency on sweat shops and child labor that Uniqlo is a contributor to.

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I guess they thought they could just go and exploit those societies with no blow-back.

Yes, it's just awful how they go to impoverished countries and give people jobs. And then, as thanks, they get macheted to death by a group of psychopathic rich kids who never had to work in their lives.

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Everyone here forgot that Bangladesh economy depends on it's garment industry which hire many workers that contribute to the economy, stating child labor reeks ignorance and poor research.

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So, the terrorists win That's what they wanted after all, to disrupt the economy, deter tourism, terrorize. Chalk one up for ISIS.

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Sad to see Isis damaging so many country's economies this way. Can't people see they're hurting their own country and the poorest people living there?

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