Uniqlo to open two mega-stores in New York


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From Toyota to Nintendo and now j-economy is depening on Uniqlo ! grim outlook.

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Doesn't anyone else sense a Grand Canyon-sized serving of chutzpah here? Or is it pathos? I mean...this Japanese company sells perfectly ordinary casual western style clothes to westerners in a major western city - at a time when Americans are out of work and the economy's in a shambles. The comany is Japanese, and the manufactuers are almost exclusively Chinese. What's in it for Americans? Something's wrong with this picture. It's like Gap opening a huge kimono shop in the Ginza.

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Western style clothes are hardly the exclusive territory of Western brands, manufacturers, or retailers, nor have they been for decades. (And never mind that the Japanese language makes a distinction between yofuku and wafuku, since the average Japanese person hasn't worn wafuku on a regular basis for decades, either). And I doubt that in this day and age the typical Western consumer will look at a Japanese brand and wonder why a Japanese company is making "Western" clothes--if anything, the Japanese branding carries an additional bit of cache that wouldn't be conferred if, say, a Chinese manufacturer decide to open its own retail store in the Big Apple.

By that token, what's in it for the millions of Americans who shop at H&M, or IKEA, or 7-11 (a Japanese-owned corporation), for that matter? Or buy jeans crafted by Japanese artisans, at $300 or $400 a pair?

And two mega-stores in one city--that's gotta be good for at least a couple of hundred American jobs, right?

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Well Now NYC will be walking around with clones. I swear I was in the gym last year with these green uniqlo pants and the guy in front of me and another one beside me had the exact same uniqlo pants and same color. we just looked at each other. Funny but that was weird, like we were part of some team or something. Never bought Uniqlo again even though the clothes are pretty good and prices are darn cheap!

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Just me or is uniqlo raising their prices slowly? They used to be cheap but now they are not. The quality has gone down hill as well. I stopped shopping their ages ago because of this. And now they have GU - which is supposed to be "cheap". Funny, I though uniqlo said they were a cheap alternative when they first started.

Was in one in London and walked out - the prices were crazy! Nearly twice here!

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Uniqlo, Muji, etc been raising their prices slowly for years. No longer cheap.

I get my Jeans(Chinese) at a local store and they cost me 1000yen, last pair lasted 4yrs. Same way I pay 480Yen for a T-shirt at a local shop(original designs).

Most people think I buy expensive stuff. :P

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@ chamade. FYI, 90% of clothes are made in China. Did you know the boss TADASHI YANAI is Japans richest man and did it himself after taking over his fathers suit shop? Anyway, NY venture will fail. Average American is 86.6 kg and UNIQLOs target Market has one of the highest obesity rates of any group. So the clothes won't fit, and if they make bigger sizes, the material cost will be 60-120% more...

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@Asagao Don't you think employees at UNIQLO also know that ? It's not that hard to make size adjustments in different markets. You don't have to be a genius to figure that out, really...

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I've been in the SOHO NY store and it's pretty darn big, so I can't imagine what the size of a "mega" store is. And by the way Asagao, Manhatttan is filled with foreign tourists who will probably make up a large percentage of sales ( weak dollar).

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Here in Japan, I hate Uniqlo, all of their sizes are TOO SMALL! If Uniqlo as Asagao says, does not make bigger sizes for bigger American butts, waits, boobs, shoulders will be a problem. Back in the USA I am only a MEDIUM in American Men size, but at the freakin Uniqulos here in Japan I am L? No! LL?? Sometimes even a LLL size?? WTF?? There are plenty of bigger, fatter Japanese than me, and I am sure there are taller, fatter Chinese guys than me, so what the heck is Uniqulo doing?? Do they just want THIN people to wear their clothes?? Looks at all of their TV CMs, nothing but YOUNG THIN people!!

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I like Uniqlo, but I wonder if they'll adapy their colors to overseas markets. Good stuff, but often in ugly hues.

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Despite all the negative comments, Uniqlo is and will continue to be very successful.

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My teenagers buy from there but the sizes would have to be dramatically changed as most Americans are fat.

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elbuda, do you ever see fat people advertising anything? dont understand all the comments that have this store going bust before they even open. i dare say that uniqlos market research and strategy are much more advenced in making a forecast aboiut running a successful business overseas than any one on this board.

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A Japanese friend in London tells me their clothes don't fit her properly because (of course) they're western shapes - sleeves are too long, shoulders too wide etc. So yes, they're sensible enough to adapt to the local market. Boss didn't get this far by being a dim bulb! Meanwhile, here in Hong Kong, I have to buy at least XL, which I most definitely am not in western sizes! And for the record, Gap is about to open a huge store in the central shopping area of HK, as are Abercrombie & Fitch- both of these brands are available cheap in local outlets and sample shops & are no doubt Made in China. Wherever you shop, you're probably wearing sweat shop garments.

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Hmm, lots of remarks about fat Americans, while I see plenty of jiggly Japanese wandering about my neighborhood. But they aren't fat - no, they're just too short for their weight :-)

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Back on topic please.

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Sorry Sharpie, maybe Japan needs to start changing its tv cm, many Japanese now are getting older, yes and fatter and back in the States, I have seen tv cm models etc..for FULL sizes, the avoid the F word, meaning FAT and change for another F word, FULL SIZE which is a BIG, BIG market, excuse the pun back in the States, so just saying Uniqlo will need to make sure they have FULL SIZES for FULL SIZED folk there in NYC.

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