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United Airlines says it made $1 billion in second quarter and sees strong remainder of 2023


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Fly the Unfriendly Skies of United Today!

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during covid they got government help. Now airlines are taking advantage of the tax payers who bailed them out again. Having huge profits like this shows the total irresponsible behavior of the airline industry.

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This article has quite a bit of a summarized omissions (there's a bit more - if you desire to read) from this report:

In late June, United canceled nearly four times as many flights as any other U.S. carrier, according to data from FlightAware. Many of those cancellations occurred at United’s hub in Newark, New Jersey

I can't find out why United is so short-staffed if they've claimed to be in a hiring spree, as United claimed to have hired as many workers who where either terminated or quit during the COVID outbreak, yet they are still having so many problems at the Newark location? Maybe it's it the quality vs quantity of its labor?

Cheaper fuel is also helping.

Maybe, but it's savings in fuel is being more than offset and lost by its higher labor costs to retain/attract talent and skilled labor:

United’s spending on pay and benefits jumped $874 million, or 31%, to $3.71 billion in the latest quarter. Just last weekend, the airline agreed to a $10 billion deal that, if ratified by pilots, will raise their pay by up to 40% over four years.

Somehow ChatGPT will recommend United stock still be a strong buy for those who love to gamble, regardless of any human logic or critical thinking. United's short term profit gains (and US Government bailouts) still won't excuse United from treating its customer base like dirt.


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