University of Tokyo to issue ¥20 bil debt for post-pandemic projects


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They should know it some better there and not call it post-pandemic projects.

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Essentially, any revenue producing activity by the university will subsidize the debt and interest obligations of the bonds. I’m assuming tuition is one of them?

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@expat. Already happening. It’s called amukudari (spelling maybe wrong)

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This is scary such a minimal return on long dated Munis and this case Unis !

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Already some people are saying why are they going to spend a lot of this money on the  Hyper-Kamiokande neutrino observatory? Typical academic stuff not connected with the real world! But remember almost 200 years ago these British guys Faraday and Maxwell were working in an obscure lab on something called "electricity", about which people back then would have said the same thing. So you never know how this research might change our lives. (full disclosure: gokai is a University of Tokyo grad)

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Chinese and Vietnamese students will be the main international customers of Japanese universities in the future. I can already see that the CCP and VCP will gladly buy those bonds or even shareholdership in Japanese universities. For more political influence upon the islandic nation.

Just like the USA, Japan starts relying on international students for survival and profits.

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