BOJ's Kuroda says Fed rate hikes good for global economy

By Leika Kihara

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Of course he thinks that way, he is in bed with the fed!

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In japans case, highlighting an ageing population also ignores other aspects holding the economy back, that there is a falling a population, and a lack of immigration.

Even if japan increases immigration to counter balance the falling population, there are structural problems.It is not enough to just let immigrant workers in to work.ofcourse they will pay taxes but there are things that are huge long term purchases that immigrants will want or need for themselves family and just for their quality of life.

It is not enough to just give immigrants a 5 year visa in the hope this will reverse everything and then kick them out when there is a downturn or kick them out when they hit retirement age.

These young workers will want to buy big ticket items, eg a NEW car,(maybe even several times, or a NEW house, and this will need to be furnished, and redecorated and maintained over the years.Some will get married and wish to have a family and provide for them. Some may even set up business to cater for other immigrants.However if you hold them back i fear they will only set them up failure, because they are being held back either in employment or in access to the financial services they need to move up, which would help companies and the gov.

If you don't let them chase their life goals, they can't get any credit, they will save their money, send it home, and they will buy second hand goods, they won't buy big ticket items, which encourages them to put down roots. On top of that if they do have a family, their kids, who only know Japan will be marginalised, as their parents maybe kicked out of japan if they don't have a job,and locked out of a financial system.

So it is not just about an "ageing population" its much more.

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Kuroda is part of the debacle where the rich of Japan become richer!

Higher interest rates will put the US in recession and hurt the ordinary Joe....

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Kuroda is part of the debacle where the rich of Japan become richer!

The private sector is making the rich richer, not the BOJ. The companies decide who gets how much of corporate income. The central bank's job is to promote growth and price stability in the economy overall.

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Hes only following his master's script.

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To imagine that the BOJ doesn’t make policy decisions without government contrition is failing to acknowledge political reality.

Kuroda’s failures go hand in hand with the those of the LDP!

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Kuroda’s 2% ouch, how’s that 2% working out? Oh great we get a 2% rise in sales tax! Thanks worthless bureacrat!

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Retire old man, you know nothing, just accepting money under the table to cripple Japan and its economy.

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Thanks worthless bureacrat!

Kuroda's aggressive easing policy coincided with the second-longest economic growth streak during the post-war era.

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