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China vows to crack down on bitcoin mining, trading activities


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So maybe a good time to join Elon Musk, or has he already pulled out?

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Poppycock. The CCP is one of the biggest (perhaps THE biggest) Bitcoin miner in the world.

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Yup, the bull runs over

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Of course the CCP mafia will crack down on a form of money outside their control and which they can neither manipulate nor track. Good god this smells like freedom, we can’t have that!

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I guess fraud is a crime in China, and the law is enforced there.

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On the one hand I am not a fan of cryptocurrencies, seeing them as a bit of snake oil. On the other hand I don't think any other country should feel compelled to do or not do anything just because the Chinese did it.

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China has strict Financial control that prevents even the normal person from transferring money overseas once they have relocated overseas!

So for example, say you married a Chinese National,. and you've sold your house... you can not transfer the money overseas if that money is in your Chinese partners name.

Since China clamped down on such transfers, BitCoin & other things were popular venues, now China is closing their iron door just like they have upon the internet.

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The CCP itself is Corrupt.... and they are the ones who brought us this Global Pandemic, plus the ones who are continually tweaking it with variants ... next we will see an Australian version (that's in the pipeline).

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