China will keep door open to foreign investment, global industry despite trade war


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I agree with the Chinese Gov to look for mutual gain a win win in trade. Trade wars are not beneficial and were never meant to be.

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Trade wars are not beneficial and were never meant to be.

Status quo trade relationship is not beneficial either (except to China). So it's really a no brainer it has to change. The current situation is entirely unsustainable. Most of Europe and America is now shunning traditional values for extreme nationalistic cries, and the cries will become blood curdling cries and sounds swords clashing soon on current trajectory.

You cannot wholesale export skills, jobs, and wealth from a country without ramification.

On the other side of the fence, China is whiteanting western powers at every corner. South China Seas, it's really undermining American power. Africa, it has already undermined traditional European powers. It has ventured into and won a slice of petro power (and benefits) on bothsides of the petro conflict.

Watch the South Pacific for the instability to come, it's already locked out further concentration of US forces on Guam.

China speaks with a forked tongue, take it at face value at your own perils.

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Apparently China is short of US$ so they are keen to maintain investment.... though once invested, getting your money out may be another matter...

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Funny, this article says that China is keeping its rhetoric neutral. Uh, that would be incorrect, to put it mildly. I also remind everyone on board here that China's annual military budget is now at $170 billion. Granted, the U.S. military budget is approximately four times that amount, but, remember, China's military budget dwarfs that of pretty much the entirety of non-Chinese, Asian countries AND that the trade surplus that China enjoys helps to fund that military expansion.

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