Crisis-hit airlines scramble to convert empty cabins to cargo

By Allison Lampert and Jamie Freed

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Mother Earth is loving this pandemic with cleaner air and water. Back to normal is not an option.

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@Andy your right, it just goes to show how wasteful we/humans are. there are plenty of examples where radar pictures have shown the smog and smoke before and after pictures of countries, its a shame that it will all go back to what it was before after this virus calms down. its a shame the country leaders can't see what the problem is and introduce new legislation to stop what the pollution.

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AndyToday  09:09 am JST

Mother Earth is loving this pandemic with cleaner air and water. Back to normal is not an option.

There's an awful lot of people whose lives are on hold waiting to get back to work who might disagree with you. It's China that's the biggest polluter, so if you're keen to point the finger at polluters, there's your first target.

As for most of us, getting back to something approaching normal sounds pretty good.

On topic, I applaud the airlines for taking an initiative to earn some revenue by carrying cargo where they can.

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Show passengers proof that recirculated air is virus, dust, and bacteria proof.

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I wonder if the flip-side of this will be cargo ships converted to carry passengers? I'm kind of half joking because I recently considered cargo ship travel as an option to get back to NZ. There are websites for booking this type of travel.

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...cargo ships converted to carry passengers

Oops what I meant was "converted to carry more passengers"

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About time, been wondering about that exact idea for weeks. I hope this will finally help clear the mail backlog and enable us sending mail again. Japan Post has currently a list of nearly 200 countries it doesn't accept mail for.

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