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Fujifilm shares jump 15% on China coronavirus drug trial boost

By Roxanne Liu and Makiko Yamazaki

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The "silver-lining" in the cloud!

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This seems hopeful. I hope expanded testing shows the same results!

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Well Done Fuji. Well done! Not bad for a company run by old men.

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Other articles say something about it potentially causing birth defects.

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Other articles say something about it potentially causing birth defects.

So a pregnant woman should not take it, but what about everyone else?????

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Of course the koreans reject this.

Almost all medicines and medical procedures have side effects. But at this point in a pandemic we have to deal with this now before more people die and the world collapses its economy.

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@jen no plan to sell to them either. They can live with their virus.

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I hope that Japan (or China) sends this medicine to Italy, Iran and other countries without any compensation as soon as possible.

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