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U.S. companies vow to fight racism but face critics on diversity

By Ross Kerber, Helen Coster and Arriana McLymore

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Diversity has nothing to do with it, the best person for the job should always get the position

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Hello, it's pretty obvious for the jobs in IT -- those multinational firms decided a long time ago to recruit lots of Indians, Chinese and other foreigners through the H1B visa, or through US colleges, where foreigners have an outsized presence in the tech and science programs. Sorry, folks, that means fewer jobs and opportunities for young Americans of all colors.

Business as well. Thanks to globalization, the multinationals are hiring more and more local people, because they're cheaper, not Americans.

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It's weird how racist pseudoscience showing differences in average intelligence between population groups accurately predicts underrepresentation in cognitively challenging occupations, overrepresentation in crime, lower levels of educational attainment and higher levels of poverty. It probably just a coincidence.

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