Takeda agrees to $62 billion takeover of Shire


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Glad to see a Foreign CEO push the boundaries in a Japanese company .

However, with Takeda's share price falling almost 20% since March and the shire shareholders to receive .839 new takeda shares, I dont really see much of a return for the shire shareholders. With a huge debt coming onto takeda's balance sheet and heavily relying on Shires Hemophilia, they might pull it off if they spin off some assets and reduce the workforce. Very Very risky deal indeed but for now the advisers and bankers are all opening bottles of Champagne.

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I call top of the market with all these expensive Japanese acquisitions overseas.

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62 billion. Wow!! Now let's see how Shire's shareholders feel about it.

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I am just curious, but now with Shire shares up 40%, wouldn't any smart shareholder just sell now and avoid getting Takeda shares? For them I think it is an easy decision.

On the other hand Takeda shareholders saw their share value fall due to this deal announcement, so wouldn't they be inclined to not approve the deal leading to a rise in the share price?

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Many feel they overpaid.

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