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Japan's retail sales fall 12.3% in May from a year earlier

By Daniel Leussink and Yoshifumi Takemoto

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Well, when they give you a one time, tiny amount of assistance AFTER the increased health insurance, residence tax, and other payment forms were received (on time, of course), so they think people are going to go out in spending sprees? Especially when so many have lost Joab and they are making it impossible for small companies to get assistance!

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I miss Japanese supermarkets... So much better than the ones we have here in Australia.

-6 ( +5 / -11 )

No pay for over 3 months, so I’m not spending!

(Apart from the cheap local hotel system hehehe)got the veggie garden cranking and started sewing up the holes in my old clothes.

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In case anyone is interested, sales fell 0.4% in January, the latest post-sales-tax-hike month to not be affected by Covid-19.


So the larger fall in the story can be attributed to Covid-19. So long as people can't do fun things like going to events and going on holiday, this is also going to hit discretionary retail.

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@magnet: I miss Japanese supermarkets... So much better than the ones we have here in Australia.

Then they must be pretty bad.

I find Japanese supermarkets so depressing - no organic, fair trade options - not even brown rice ... or other healthy options.

The best we've got in japan for healthy organic options - ironically - is Costco.

6 ( +9 / -3 )

Magnet, have you ever lived here? Sure Japanese supermarkets have good Japanese things but when you want a meat pie or a burrito or some chinese or thai or Korean (must I go on) you won't find it. No need to say which country has better supermarkets. Japan has good Japanese supermarkets , Australia has good Australian supermarkets. Personally, I miss beans , varieties of potatoes, ready made salads, cheap beef/chicken, mac and cheese, good kimchi and I could go on.

Why compare?

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Some analysts say cash payouts of 100,000 yen per citizen in response to the pandemic could fuel a bout of "revenge spending" following the lifting of a state of emergency in May and as more people get used to social distancing measures, which remain in place in crowded areas.

‘Some analysts’have not been without pay for three months,have they?

And “revenge spending” ... sure...

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I don't know where you live but where I live, there is brown rice, organic,

varieties of potatoes...

I can get organic artichokes, swiss chard, rhubarbs, all kinds of potatoes...cheap!

It depends on where you live!

Just because your area doesn't have it doesn't mean its not available in Japan.

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Judy. Tokyo. sure it's available, but it's not really easy to get to. All kinds of potatoes? you mean they ship russet potatoes from the USA? Chard and rhubarb is very hard to find here. Were did you find it?

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just the beginning.

all companies related to foreign customers and tourist are laying off massively.

the wave on dismissed people will skyrocket. salary cut. unpaid loan . etc...

the beginning of the wave. Costco prices are rising... +35% on the cheese

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Surprised drop wasn't 25%.

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I don't know where you live but where I live, there is brown rice, organic,

We live in the countryside - in Shiga - surely a place where local organic, brown rice SHOULD be readily available. We can get it but not in any supermarkets. Shopping in Kyoto is no different - no variety.

Go to any modern city anywhere in SE Asia or Europe, and you can easily find numerous varieties of rice - brown, black, jasmin etc etc ... that cannot be said for supermarkets here in Japan.

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I did my part buying parts for a new computer with the stimulus money. Granted, it was online and lining the pockets of Jeff Bezos via Amazon, but still!

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This, fear-mongers, is what you all wanted...

Pray, tell how the reaction to the boogie-man has been commensurate with the 'threat'. We are six (reported) months in, folks. You've got nothing but hot air, all you have achieved is a failing economy. Lockdowns and fear mongering were never going to stop a virus. It will run its course. Luckily it's not so bad.

This is what you wanted. You got it. I hope you have a lot of savings or a Mommy/Daddy to look after you, because the economic problems that you so wished for, will catch up with you too...

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Who wants brown rice?

Marcelito right on. Japan isn't the best when it comes to selection.

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You have got to be delusional if you think Japanese Supermarkets are better then Australia, I go to Thailand and food shop it's way better selection then here, Australia 26kg of food in my case...a mercy package if you will.

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Back on topic please.

no jobs. then no money . then dont have an ability to buy goods. very simple.

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was it tax, coronavirus or both?

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Our son received the payout and paid his rental in advance as well as stocked up on groceries and other supplies. saved what he could for any other utility expenses. Luckily we raised him well to save life money set aside for emergencies. If he gets laid off he has a roof over his head until next year. It pays to pay rental in advance and stay minimum 3 months ahead of your expenses. Even better if you can keep it going and stay ahead.

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the increased health insurance, residence tax, and other payment forms

They did rise all the taxes I’m paying this year, quite a bit. I was not sure if it was only me or a general thing.

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@magnet I miss Japanese supermarkets... So much better than the ones we have here in Australia.

I agree. I miss Japanese supermarkets and convenience stores. Way better than the US. So much better healthier food and they have all kinds of useful things. There are Japanese supermarkets around me here in the US but prices are very high and doesn't have the food and things that markets in Japan have.

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Either way this C19 virus has a decimating impact on finance, health, retail and jobs world wide, it certainly has had an effect on every one in some shape or form. The whole world is in a bit of a spin right now and its going to take some time to settle down.

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