Transport ministry says unauthorized staff certified cars at 5 Nissan plants


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Those contract workers were told to pass all cars, couldn't Nissan afford full time trained workers? No.

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What I want to know is what they are supposed to certify. Paint ? , Interior ? engine ok ?, water leaks ?

I can't see it being related to actual safety as all checks would be taken when assembling items like brakes, steering etc. I mean, all parts are brand new.

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They should be sued and fined for taking the public for a ride

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Confused, where these inspectors hired by Nissan or were these inspectors hired by the Ministry that certifies the cars?

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Another "made in Japan" corporate scandal. Big surprise. I know a few wingers who post on here who are going to have a hard time blaming this one on the US.

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from a perspective of a person who used to work for Nissan, I'd think it might be a cost related issue that those unauthorized staff were temp or on contracts which costs less for Nissan as the company tends to seek short-time cost effectiveness over sustainable benefit and without looking at the big picture.

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Nissan quality ain't what it used to be when foreign Renault CEO took over. French car brands aren't exactly the global paragon for durability, performance & reliability compared to Toyota and Honda (both still Japanese-run & led btw)

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Yes, well, Nissan was financially on the ropes and Ghosn/Renault turned their fortunes around.

Anyway, if a shaken by a Nissan dealer is anything to go by, they probably check the oil and the hoses, kick the tires a couple of times and then slap an OK sticker on them.

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"Certified" the cars in what way? Are you telling us that the Ministry of Transportation has nothing better to do with its time then employ people to inspect every car that comes off the assembly line in Japan? How much does that add to price and inefficiency?

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Certified faulty CVT.

Transmission went berserk after just 22,000 km.

Dealer changed it but conked out again at 36,000 km.

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Too bad. I think Nissan make the best looking Japanese cars, Toyota the ugliest. I drive reliable ugly, but would like to drive beautiful reliable. No company makes that.

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They still checked the cars but the certification wasnt issued by the government

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Carlos Ghosn's cost cutting went too far.

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Maybe a better headline and article would be about silly government mandated paperwork. If Nissan made crappy cars that were exploding and falling apart, the market would punish it more than any government agency could possible do.

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