Mitsubishi UFJ pledges net zero emissions in finance portfolio by 2050

By Aaron Sheldrick

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Not good enough

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By 2050 much of the natural environment will be destroyed. Many species in the wild will be extinct, large areas of the earth will be uninhabitable and the seas will be largely empty of fish. So, by making it 2050 which, for most current investors who are probably mostly 50+, is just fine because they won't be around.

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I see alot of pledges going on in Japan. However, with all the pledges piling up they better get to work..

The Japanese make these pledges because they know everyone will forget about the pledge that was made and it will not be in anyones mind next year. Therefore they can continue to make pledges over and over.

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Everyone in the West knows that Japanese pledges are just valuable and worthy as the JGBs.

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responding to pressure

Here is the reason

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To mine all the rare earths and other minerals out of the planet and transport them around the globe to support all this green energy investment will create a heck of a lot of global warming.

Not sure all this long term central planning is on the money, indeed I suspect it may make things worse.

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