More than 400 lawmakers from 34 countries back 'Make Amazon Pay' campaign

By Paul Sandle

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Amazon uses slave labour in the US.

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The US was built on slave labor, what makes you think so much has changed?

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The working class have always been the wage slaves. Before them, the serfs.

Bezos has become the world's richest person and his wealth has greatly increased from the pandemic like tens of millions suffer. $187 billion. He should be paying 99% taxes.

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I believe in capitalism. Invest others monies and take chances.

Even though Bezos is a billionaire, he does not have the freedoms you or I do. But he has sure made it convenient for us to get the things we need. He has to shop through Amazon, because he cannot just pop into mom and pop retails stores, drop in for some good yakitori or do anything else we can freely do.

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Jeff Bezos does not shop on Amazon. He can do whatever he wants and does. Shopping in exclusive shops. Eating in exclusive restaurants. He can pop into a mama papa store. They wouldn't even know who he is.

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He has to shop through Amazon, because he cannot just pop into mom and pop retails stores

because they no longer exist. Thanks, Jeff!

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I don't buy anything from Amazon any more. I once did but no more. They have treated their employees terribly during the pandemic and in general have become too big for their britches to use an old American saying. There are other choices including Jauce, Buyee, Rakuten and eBay. Often the prices are better at these sites.

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Good, make Amazon pay its employees more - they surely deserve it for the great service and wide choice of products they provide for us. But these politicians who want more in taxes from Amazon - they only want it for their own nefarious purposes and not for the benefit of their constituents or other taxpayers.

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