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Renault chairman says there is 'real desire' to make Nissan alliance work

By Sarah White and Gilles Guillaume

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there was a "real desire" at the helm of the carmaker's alliance with Nissan to make it a success

So can that happen? After Nissan already spend 200 million dollar to get rid of Ghosn, only Nissan who knows the actual reason why that amount of money is worth to use for that purpose.

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Renault needs to take advantage of their ownership in Nissan and force them to move forward, because just working with them will lead to what happened to Ghosn. You can see it now as Nissan is drafting new rules and suggestions to separate them further from Renault. If you try to play "fair" with Nissan they'll walk all over you, Ghosn certainly understood that and I feel like Renault's new leadership doesn't seem to realize it.

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Sorry, but this guy is dreaming if he thinks the alliance will work at this point. Nissan will be focused on making sure they do not lose any independence, even if that means mucking up the alliance.

Renault would be advised to either fight to take a majority stake in Nissan or just give up on the alliance and treat its stock ownership in Nissan as an investment. If it did the latter, it should aggressively challenge Nissan as the largest shareholder, including teaming up with other shareholders to force change.

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Who is next on our scapegoat list? 

We have...from France...Jean-Dominique Senard.

He will do!

Rock solid!

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This man seems foolish!

A new CEO started at Nissan in December, and Renault is in the midst of seeking a new CEO after ousting Ghosn-ally Thierry Bollore in October.

Ousted Renault CEO Bollore raised concerns over Ghosn investigation


 Renault's former chief executive Thierry Bollore, who was ousted in October, had sought to flag alleged conflicts of interest and governance problems at the company's Japanese alliance partner Nissan before his departure, Le Monde reported on Monday.


Citing a letter from Oct. 7 addressed to Nissan's board, of which he was member, France's Le Monde newspaper said Bollore had raised questions over the firm's internal investigation surrounding former alliance boss Carlos Ghosn.

> Bollore said in the letter that he was particularly concerned by the revelation that Nissan had a list of 80 managers implicated in financial dealings similar to the ones attributed to Ghosn.

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After 20 years, their business systems still do not work with each other. Renault has no clue how NIssan works, and NIssan resents what it sees as interference in the way it works. Mitsubishi is just an afterthought.

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I only read what's between the lines from the Japanese media. Renault-Nissan breakup is inevitable. They are only negotiating terms at this point. French want more money, while Japanese want to give less. Ghosn's escape will cost Nissan additional billions they didn't have to pay cuz they now have to shut him up. French, in turn, will pay Ghosn millions in form of severance pay and everyone will be happy in the end.

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Not there isn't from the Japan side...

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