Toys 'R' Us will likely shut all U.S. stores, risking 33,000 jobs: Wall Street Journal


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“risking up to 33,000 jobs”


If the stores are closing, will the employees not lose their jobs? Will those jobs only be at risk? What does this mean?

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Toys ‘WERE’ Us

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Besides competition from online stores, another reason is

Kids nowadays play with digital --rather than with physical-- toys

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A lot of questions come to mind with as to why TRS didn't liquidate real estate? They should have shuttered stores(maybe 1/2 of holdings) before it came to this. How much was the CEO and executives being paid while company was in decline year after year? Why didn't they invest online to sell along with smaller number of brick and mortar stores? Obviously US unemployment data will see red with 33000 out of a job with this single bankruptcy.

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The end of an era. This retail apocalypse really is going to change the face of America. I can only hope it's for the better.

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I don't wanna grow up... :-(

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That's too bad. A lot of good memories going there as a kid, that was always the place to see the coolest stuff. And it wasn't that close to home, so we rarely got to go, which made it even more of an event. But nothing lasts forever, I suppose.

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Fear not; everything there was from china anyway, so, you can just buy it all from "chinaDirect" now.

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"And this breaking news just in: Amazon to open self-checkout toy stores in major cities across the US and next month."

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