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U.S. airlines grapple with 'unfair tax' that adds to aircraft supply disruption

By David Shepardson and Tracy Rucinski

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The US subsidizes Boeing through proxy overly expensive Military Budget expenses... why isn't the EU challenging that ???

No joke... that Movie joke of 30,000 US$ for a Toilet seat... was a side swipe at the reality.

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Americans airlines cant complain, if they had bought American planes they wouldn't have the tariff issue now.

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Another trump FAIL.

The u s is now a 2nd/ 3rd level country thanks to Comrade trump.

trumps Stalinist Methods and Dictatorial traits just Empower Lesser countries to fight back.

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Ok so Airbus doesn't want to absorb the 10% tariff with lower listing costs and the airlines don't want to pay the 10% tariff tax. Hmmmm what should we do? How about both of you absorb the cost together? What a concept! Let's see how that works shall we? Airbus lowers their price 5% and and the airlines still pay the 10% tariff which essentially is 5% based on the lower listing cost. Now how complicated was that?


Don't pay the tax and just order the Airbus planes made in Alabama that are EXEMPT from the tariff. These spokespeople from these airlines need to get a clue on how to THINK or get a job flipping burgers.

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And the Trumpet's think that it's the OTHER countries paying Trump's tariffs. Nope. It's Americans who pay his tariffs. The Republicans used to hate taxes, and Trump has increased taxes more than any president ever!

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