World's rich grow richer as bull markets roar on: study


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Good for them. No crying and bailouts when the crash comes!

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And so is everyone participating in the economy, getting richer. Funny how the, arictle makes it seem like the Rich have it all when the pool of money owned by the government class is easily 10 times what is owned by the rich. At least the rich earn their money, the government class stole it from the people. Imagine that, take back that 2000 trillion the governments stole and return it to the people they stoke it from, there probably would be no poor.

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The 200 day above average will continue unless the US Fed does not hike the interest too fast too much.

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And it will trickle down any day now. Any day...

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ArtistAtLarge ... LOL. Good one.

How quickly, and conveniently, the neo-libs apologists have forgotten the 'success' of Reaganomics or Thatcherism.

'Noblesse Oblige' has about as much substance as Horatio Alger's dream ... or lucky leprechauns for that matter.

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 At least the rich earn their money, the government class stole it from the people

It's the other way around. Governments are in deficit, because so much of the money the government prints has been handed over to the private sector, which is hoarding it. Corporate profits are the highest in human history.

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Market manipulation is rife here in Japan - particularly in the Small Caps arena. The bigger players (the ones with money) dupe those with small holdings into buying certain stocks, and run away, leaving the smaller investors with lemons (ie. junk stocks no one wishes to buy).

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