Oil jumps nearly 15% in record trading after attack on Saudi facilities

By Laila Kearney

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Two things to watch out for IMHO.

White House saying oil supply not disrupted/stable/manageable etc. - it means they want to strike back at Iran.


White House, Saudis, Arab states saying Maximum Oressure campaign must be maintained on Iran - it means even if Bolton is out, someone else has taken over Bolton's role in advocating for Maximum Pressure.

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Thanks for nothing, to whomever is the culprit here. Gas prices here will jump, based upon this, and the way people run the gas stations here, they will make the claim that the price increase is due to this incident, even though they have plenty of reserves to hold them over for a while!

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What I've been concerned about is unfortunately playing out in front of our eyes. Trade disputes with no end in sight, consumption tax increase, possible increase in auto tariffs by donny boy, post-Olympic recession and now this. Abe and Aso had better be very careful in how they manage this, the writing has been on the wall for some time now and they haven't done anything to mitigate the concerns.

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Trump can add this to his growing list of disastrous achievements.

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What disastrous achievement?

A drone attack in a foreign country?

Get real!

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World Oil suppliers / supplies can easily accommodate this. This is well known. Their is no shortage esp in the short to midterm or even longer.

Who benefits from such an attack?

If it was (and highly probable) to be the Houthis then they'd get their hit for hit revenge.

In addition the Oil World has been seeing depressed prices (from their perspective) for some time now and would love to see $80+ a barrel. Most producers have been losing big on low prices esp countries like Saudi & Russia.

Would never imagine a conspiracy, but vested interests in the Mid - East are vast and complex and oil value fuels those interests.

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