Dentsu's shares slide to 7-year lows on Olympics cancelation fears

By Sam Nussey

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Dentsu has been one of the worst companies in Japan regards to fair working environments for employees.

treat your employees better,maybe, just maybe, you won't need Olympics to make a profit.

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If this virus damages Dentsu then at least it will have a small silver lining. This country would be better off without them.

As for the Olympics though, I see no reason why they couldn't be postponed to 2021. I don't think there are any major sporting events then, and pretty much all the planning, facilities, tickets, athlete training, qualifications, etc.. could be rolled over to 2021.

The World Indoor Athletics Championships were scheduled for March in Nanjing, but they've already postponed them to March 2021. Smaller than the olympics, but comparable.

Heck, I think Japan (and unfortunately even scum like Dentsu) would like having yet another year of going on and on about the Olympics. Another year of sponsorship, etc..

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Buying opportunity, if one is so inclined. The government is not going to let Dentsu (former ministry of propaganda) go down, they influence the way other companies place their ads, and are thus useful in depriving unfavored publications and media outlets of revenue - i.e. of keeping those who would tell the truth in line.

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The coronavirus threat to the Games was underlined on Tuesday when Dentsu announced an employee at its Tokyo headquarters has been diagnosed with the virus.

Good god man! And any idea how they got it?

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Things have to chnage in japan.

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Summer of 2021 is the Swimming World Championship in Fukuoka.

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Summer of 2021 is the Swimming World Championship in Fukuoka.

My feeling is they will either now cancel this, or hold it in Spring.

Tokyo 2021 is going to be great!

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And any idea how they got it?

Wuhan coronavirus is an endemic disease in Japan now, most cases untraceable.

Anyone in Japan can get it anywhere.

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I keep referring to this virus as the Karmavirus since it was started by carelessness, greed, lack of morals and pure stupidity in China but I do feel bad for those that kept clear of all this and still are/were affected.

Sadly, it's the innocents that suffer the most in war as China is now calling this, "a war against this virus" which they will succeed in the end after making the whole world pay for it. Just think of all those that have died that had nothing to do with that 'way of life'. The Chinese government is solely responsible for this and anyone giving them praise for how they are handling this is wrong. It's the same as congratulating the town pyromaniac for the great work he did putting out the building fire he started which killed 4% of the residents. It's wrong any way you look at it so I just wish they'd stop.

If China really wants to do something right, then slam all the exit points shut and only allow foreign governments to remove their citizens if any wish to leave. Until then close China down. It was their government that allowed this to happen in the first place for the second time in the last 17 years. The world will still suffer either way but better if it's only economic instead of more innocent lives.

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